Improve Your Employer Branding Creating Meaningful Employee Experiences by EX Lab

Improve Your Employer Branding Creating Meaningful Employee Experiences

Are bad employee experiences affecting your employer branding? 

Get this step-by-step guide to turn bad employee experiences in remarkable moments that make your employer brand stand out!

What is this online workshop about?

The Main Reason Why Employer Branding Doesn't Work Today
Employer branding professionals do a wonderful job in creating campaigns to attract new talent showing how great companies are. Though despite all efforts, the company's reputation keeps being impacted by the bad experiences employees have. We all have seen cringeworthy reviews in Glassdoor (ouch!) and new talent leaving right away.

Employees As Ambassadors, It Can Be Different!
The good news is that you can turn those bad experiences into opportunities to show employees how much the company cares!

Create A Consistent Employer Brand in and out
Most online courses focus only on the recruiting and external aspect of Employer Branding. We felt something was missing. So in this online workshop we want to give you an easy way to look inside and make the employee experience part of your employer branding strategy. 

We will guide you step-by-step into identifying what aspects of the employee experience are affecting your employer brand and come up with meaningful solutions that will make it stand out. For that, we will use Design Thinking, a human-centered and agile approach, used in product and service design to create memorable customer experiences that make people engage and share.

You will learn how to:
  • Identify the elements in the Employee Journey that are affecting your Employer Brand
  • Craft internal programs, initiatives or campaigns that match what your Employer Brand offers
  • Involve your team and the necessary stakeholders to make the changes happen using this fast, effective and easy-to-follow workshop

Make your Employer Brand stand out from the inside. Join our online workshop and start improving your Employer Branding today.

Let's hear from...

This is Andrew, he is the Lead of the Employer Branding & Candidate Experience Team at N26! He is talking about our 2 days Employee Experience Design Training,  the in-depth version of this Online Workshop.

How this online workshop works?

So, this is not...

another boring online class with someone random person talking over slides πŸ™…β€β™‚οΈ. It is not one of those cheap and high level theoretical courses in which you are left thinking "ok so, how do I actually do it?"

This course is built as an interactive workshop
We call it a PlaySprint because you sprint through all the stages of Design Thinking, working with your team (2-3 people) in a playful yet insightful way. You work on a real challenge guided by videos and templates.

Why do it this way?

We believe learning is doing and reflecting about it and this is exactly what you will do with this course!  

You will have a step-by-step workshop blueprint to follow easily whenever you need to work on EX with your own team or a client. 

Time commitment ⏱
It is self-paced, so you choose how fast you want to go. 3-4 hours of time make sense to carve out. You can do it in multiple sessions as well.

Content Overview

Module 1: Discovery

  • Map an Employee Journey
  • Identify Moments that Matter and Pain Points
  • Employee Research
  • Synthesis & prioritization of findings into clear next steps

Module 2: Design

  • Create ideas for an employee experience
  • Match experiences with the Employer Brand
  • Create and test prototypes of the experience to guarantee employee's engagement

Module 3: Reflection

  • Wrap up of all the learnings and overview of the Design Thinking approach
  • Guided reflection to find ways to apply the Design Thinking approach in your day-to-day 

What Our Students Say

Heja, we are EX Lab!

The first Employee Experience Design Laboratory in Berlin. 

We are innovation coaches ready to challenge People Teams to work differently. We've trained 800+ people in Design Thinking and co-created internal processes and services with corporates and startups to empower employees to unleash their full potential.

Now some name dropping because apparently it helps: we've worked with NestlΓ© HQ, World Food Program, Lufthansa, Blinkist, N26, Taxfix and hopefully you :)

Why a Playsprint and not another online course?

Team Experience

This course is designed as a team workshop. You will be able to engage the right people to make things happen. So get 2-3 colleagues together and kick-off. Also, learning together is much easier...and fun.

Experiential Learning

What this means? Learning by doing! We will guide you through the methods with which you can built meaningful Employee Experiences. Afterwards, you will reflect with your team with the help of trigger questions.

Remote Ready? Sure!

Do this mini workshop with your remote team. All you need is a conferencing tool with screen share and a Mural account (you can get a 30 days free trial). We also have a Jamboard template!

So, what's in it for you?


How this Playsprint Works
4 mins
What you need to run a Playsprint!
5 mins
What you need for a Virtual Playsprint
4 mins
Spaces of Design Thinking!
2 mins
Welcome to the Playsprint
5 mins
Discovery Space
πŸ“ Dreamwork TEAMWORK β€” Check-In
196 KB
Check-In with your Team
2 mins
Understanding Past Experiences
2 mins
πŸ“ Understanding Past Experiences Template
180 KB
Employee Research
4 mins
Demo: How not and how to do interviews
8 mins
Discover the Employee Experience
2 mins
πŸ“ Discover the Employee Experience
220 KB
Moments that Matter
2 mins
πŸ“ Moments that Matter β€” Identify
174 KB
Moments That Matter β€” Map Emotions
1 min
πŸ“ Moments that Matter β€” Map Emotions
170 KB
Moments that Matter β€” Dig Deeper
1 min
πŸ“ Moments that Matter β€” Dig Deeper
168 KB
Moments that Matter β€” Focus
2 mins
Moments that Matter β€” Choose
2 mins
πŸ“ Moments that Matter β€” Choose
270 KB
You have mastered the Discovery Space.mp4
1 min
Design Space
How to Brainstorm!
2 mins
πŸ“ Creating New Ideas
187 KB
Creating Ideas β€” Sharing
1 min
Creating Ideas β€” Vote
1 min
Creating Ideas β€” Get Feedback
1 min
Creating Ideas β€” Storm
3 mins
πŸ“ Creating Ideas β€” Get Feedback
180 KB
Design a Solution
1 min
πŸ“ Design your Final Idea
151 KB
Prototype your Idea
4 mins
Prototype β€” an Example
3 mins
Prototype Virtually
2 mins
πŸ“ Prototype your Idea
150 KB
Test your Prototype
4 mins
πŸ“ Test your Prototype
205 KB
Rework your Idea
2 mins
πŸ“ Iterate
162 KB
9 mins
Graduation πŸ… & Next Steps πŸ‘Ÿ